Saiha Saiha  Kata Kata

Kata Kyokushinkai, réformé en 2020 par IKO

Count 1: Musubi-Dachi. Migi-Hikite with 4 fingers together and thumb grabbing right Seiken firmly. Do not put thumb into right knuckle.

Count 2: Slide Hikite from right side to left side with the armpit and elbow closed.

Count 3: Shiko-Dachi. Throw Uraken-Ganmen-Uchi inside of the other arm, and show a good snap of the wrist and finish the wrist straight with the left hand open to cover the solar plexus.

Count 10: Keep the body facing straight and move the left foot toward the right foot. Eye contact to the opponent on the right, slide the left foot to the left and slide your right foot to make Nekoashi-Dachi. The right hand is Shotei-Osae-Uke and the left hand is Haito-Kake-Uke. The armpits must be closed.

Count 11: Mae-Geri must be Chudan height, to target the solar plexus at the same time the eye contact to the front.

Count 12: Seiken Jodan Morote Tsuki’s Hikite back-fist must face upwards.

Count 14: The left hand is under the right hand and turn 180 degrees to make Hidari-Zenkutsu-Dachi and Morote-Kake-Uke. The Hikite’s back-fist must be upwards.

Count 16: (1) Turn 180 degrees from Hidari-Zenkutsu-Dachi. Move the right arm in front of the face to execute Jodan-Tettsui (eye high) while keeping the left hand Hikite position. Stance is shoulder-width Heiko-Dachi.
(2) Change the Tettsui to Tensho-Kake and throw Hidari-Seiken-Shita-Zuki with Nekoashi-Dachi. The right hand Hikite remains Tensho-Kake hand.

Count 19: After Hidari-Seiken-Chudan-Zuki with Migi-Sanchin-Dachi, slide the left foot to the front while straighten the both arms backwards with the eye contact. Turn to make Nekoashi-Dachi and throw Migi-Haito-Uchi to finish with Hidari-Nukite swiftly.

Count 20: Throw Mawashi-Uke with the left Haito-Uke in the middle of the body. Both hands should not move too far from the body. Once both hand reach the Hikite position, execute Shotei clearly.

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